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About Us

The fastest-growing segment of the United States population is age 65 years and older. At current rates, demographers forecast that by the year 2025, 65 year-olds will outnumber teenagers by almost 2 to 1. Fifty percent or more of the baby boomer population is projected to live 100 years and beyond. Anti-aging medicine will be the most profound social and economic issue of the 21st century, restructuring and redirecting the trillion dollars plus a year economics of healthcare in radical new ways. Virtually every medical discipline is interested in longevity research and its implications.

Most diseases associated with the human aging process are known to have a strong oxidative stress component. Thus, pharmaceutical drugs and other therapies that act to lower oxidative stress, represent a major approach in treating these diseases as well as intervening with the aging process itself.

We believe that this new field of Oxidative Stress Diagnostics and Therapeutics will have a significant impact on the economics, science and the practice of medicine. Longevity and Preventive Medicine will impact many of the social and economic issues of the 21st century and restructure the health care industry. The goal of The O2SA Association is to help catalyze this development.

The First International Oxidative Stress and Aging Conference was held in 1994 and established the scientific foundation for our planned meeting. In 1999, the Oxidative Stress and Aging (O2SA) Association was established to address the clinical aspects of oxidative stress and how it relates to longevity medicine. The O2SA Association is a not-for-profit organization and is governed by its bylaws and has an elected group of officers.

The O2SA Association was organized to accelerate the development of these new pharmaceutical drugs and therapies designed to increase the healthy and productive years of human lifespan. This was at the request by the scientific and clinical community requesting information regarding the science, practices, diagnostics, and therapeutics relating to oxidative stress and longevity. This is achieved by helping catalyze the interaction of individuals from both the academic and industrial scientific communities to assist the translation of basic scientific discoveries to practical applications.

The objectives of the O2SA Association are carried out through the following five functions :
-Establish a focal point, specialists throughout the world gather to discuss how to monitor and treat oxidative stress and its associated age-related diseases.
-Organize an International Conference on Oxidative Stress and Aging every three to four years.
-Organize and sponsor Scientific Sessions on Oxidative Stress and Aging at the national level every year.
-Publication of Critical Review Books on Oxidative Stress and Aging.
-Provide a web site directory of corporations and organizations to keep scientists in the field of Oxidative Stress and Aging connected.

It is our belief that bringing in the private industry and practicing physicians will accelerate the development of both the basic sciences and its practical applications in this new field.

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