Oxidative Stress & Aging Association - Conferences




Our purpose is to shape the future of Diagnostics and Therapeutics on Oxidative Stress and Aging. Our audience are the following organizations: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Heath Care, Investors, Academia, Government. This will be accomplished by satisfying the following goals of the meeting:

-Provide a comprehensive review of oxidative stress chemistry with an emphasis on normal and abnormal biological functions.
-Discuss the latest research on molecular gerontology with emphasis on oxidative stress related mechanisms of aging and longevity determinants.
-Showcase the latest non-invasive methods designed to measure oxidative stress in humans for clinical purposes.
-Review the latest intervention strategies designed to control oxidative stress through dietary and/or pharmacological means.
-Discuss the need and criteria for development of analytical and chemical standards, guidelines and best practices in measuring human oxidative stress parameters and dietary/pharmacological supplements.


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