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Critical Reviews of Oxidative Stress and Aging: Advances in Basic Science, Diagnostics and Intervention

Editors: Richard G. Cutler, Henry Rodriguez

Hard Cover, Two-volume set published World Scientific Publishing with 186 Contributing Authors and 1,523 pages

The O2SA association is again proud to be affiliated with the publishing of a comprehensive book on the Oxidative Stress and Aging field. This definitive book titled, Critical Reviews of Oxidative Stress and Aging: Advances in Basic Science, Diagnostics and Intervention, will consist of 84 chapters and is being edited by Drs. Richard G. Cutler and Henry Rodriguez. This innovative and comprehensive reference book provides the most up-to-date information pertaining to the translational research field of oxidative stress and aging. The book focuses on understanding the molecular basis of oxidative stress and its associated age-related diseases with the goal being the development of new and novel methods in treating human aging processes.

The book charts the course of this new and rapidly emerging field of Oxidative Stress Diagnostics and Therapeutics that will have a significant impact on the future economics, science and practice of medicine. Leading experts in this field whose specialty includes biogerontology, geriatric medicine, free radical chemistry and biology, oncology, cardiology, neurobiology, dermatology, pharmacology, nutrition, and molecular medicine, have contributed information to this book. Accordingly, this reference book is essential reading to a broad range of individuals including researchers, physicians, corporate industry leaders, graduate and medical school students, as well as the many health conscious individuals who wish to learn more about the emerging field of oxidative stress and aging with an emphasis on diagnostics and intervention.

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Nucleic Acid Damage

Protein Damage

Lipid Damage

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